Speed Sensor

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The speed sensor product and website are an innovative new way of preventing accidents and collisions due to speeding vehicles. We noticed that larger speed cameras that go directly to law enforcement when someone is noticed speeding dosent deter reckless drivers it just helps them figure out ways to avoid being noticed.
That is why that this product gives information and power to the safer drivers and pedestrians so that they can plot their routes to work or for a leisurely walk around roads and areas that have slower drivers and less examples of speeding.


UN Sustainable Goals

This product will help with multiple UN sustainability goals however the one kept in mind during the design process was “good health and well-being”.
  This works in two ways. Its main purpose is to let slower drivers as well as pedestrians(especially parents with children or carers) know which areas are safer. Letting them avoid the areas with a bigger likelihood of encountering a speeding car while driving which will definitely help there well-being.
The second method is helping those in smaller areas who want to get into more physical exercise such as running and jogging avoid areas highly populated with faster drivers as well as noticing which routes have bigger vehicles vs smaller vehicles so they can plan their excercise around that.

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