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Opportunistic Timeline


The best case scenario market impact for a product such as this is that its values and purpose spreads to other products and services designed for wellness. If success is found from focusing on giving power to the users through the product and having the users organise around it to help the issue instead of relying on the strong arm of law enforcement,other small town companies and organisations would implement it to help there issues.

The Future

The future for the Speed Sensor product involves expansion. The initial rollout will feature in small towns and villages and over time it will gain more and more testing. This testing will implement new and better testing for it to be a more refined product and that more people can be hired and added to team so that the data from the sensors can be collected and added to the maps more often and more consistently.


Over time the updated product and map website will be distributed to big cities and larger towns getting more updates and improvements with it eventually being a viable product overseas.